Suzhou Automation - Notice of the Wuzhong District Government on the Printing and Issuance of the Action Plan for the Development of Robot and Intelligent Manufacturing Industry in Wuzhong District (2017-2020)

Town governments, street offices, District offices, bureaus, companies, vertical management departments, holiday resorts, development zones, high-tech zones, administrative committees and the departments under their jurisdiction, agricultural parks, Taihu New Town, Yuanqi Mountain Scenic Area Administrative Committee:
After the first executive meeting of the four sessions of the district government, the notice of the Action Plan for the Development of Robot and Intelligent Manufacturing Industry in Wuzhong District (2017-2020) has been issued to you. Please carry it out conscientiously according to the actual situation.
Wuzhong District people's Government of Suzhou
March 28, 2017
(published in public)

Wuzhong District robot and intelligent manufacturing industry development plan (2017~2020) action plan
Robot and intelligent manufacturing is a strategic emerging industry which integrates machinery, electronics, control, computer, sensor, artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies. It is also an important symbol to measure the level of industrialization and science and technology. In order to implement the "one core, one axis and one belt" productivity distribution, build a strategic industrial base with core competitiveness and innovative highlands, accelerate the development of robotics and intelligent manufacturing industry in our region, this action plan is formulated in combination with the actual situation.
I. General requirements
(1) guiding ideology
Guided by scientific and technological innovation, the development of strategic industries with robotic and intelligent manufacturing characteristics is regarded as an important grasp to upgrade the level of advanced manufacturing industry in Wuzhong, focusing on the five key points of "important carriers, important platforms, key projects, key talents and key cooperation", which are led by overall planning, policy guidance, demonstration and precision. We should speed up the building of industrial bases and innovative plateaus for robotics and intelligent manufacturing with innovative enterprises gathering, bursting of innovative vitality, good industrial ecosystem, core competitiveness and national influence, and provide innovative guidance and industrial support for "rooting Wu culture and building new Wuzhong".
(two) development goals
The development speed of robot and intelligent manufacturing industry in the whole region has obviously increased, and the level has obviously improved. By the end of 2020, 2 to 3 distinctive industrial bases of robotics and intelligent manufacturing and 2 to 3 industrial technology research institutes will be built. The output value of robotics and intelligent manufacturing industry in the whole region will exceed 50 billion yuan. The sales revenue of core components and service robots of industrial robots increased significantly. More than 100 innovative enterprises have been added to the robotics industry, creating a number of leading robots and intelligent manufacturing enterprises with independent intellectual property rights and well-known at home and abroad, forming a relatively complete industrial system of robotics and intelligent manufacturing, and becoming a base and innovation of robotics and intelligent manufacturing industry with core competitiveness in the whole province and even in the whole country. Highland.
(three) main ideas
1. market driven, government led. Give full play to the decisive role of the market in the allocation of resources, highlight the main role of enterprises in developing robots and intelligent manufacturing industries, promote existing enterprises around market demand, introduce innovative enterprises, and promote the development of industrial clusters.
2., focus on breakthroughs and coordinated development. According to the demand of equipment technology upgrade in Wuzhong manufacturing industry, the key and weak links of robot and intelligent manufacturing industry are selected for key breakthroughs. The development pattern of robot and intelligent manufacturing industry should be established step by step, with the whole machine and system integration enterprises as the leader, key parts and industrial service enterprises and platform organizations cooperating to achieve the optimization and coordinated development of industrial structure.
3. technology leadership, collaborative innovation. We should persist in leading industrial upgrading with technological innovation, improve the technological innovation system of enterprises, speed up the promotion of the combination of industry, University and research, strengthen technical cooperation, promote R&D cooperation and collaborative innovation between enterprises and scientific research institutions, and upgrade the level of industrial technological innovation.
4. combination of production and demand, popularization and application. Actively using robots and intelligent manufacturing equipment to upgrade traditional industries, further optimize the structure of enterprise employment, enhance production efficiency, technical level and economic benefits. Implementing demonstration of key application in key industries, key fields and key links, focusing on promoting the application and popularization of regional production equipment, and accelerating the development of local equipment manufacturing industry.

5. regional agglomeration and rational layout. Promote the development of regional agglomeration of robotics and intelligent manufacturing industry in Wuzhong District, promote the agglomeration of industrial elements to the region, improve the supporting system of industrial cooperation and the construction of public service platform, and enhance the level of industrial cluster development. At the same time, combined with the actual regional development, highlight the characteristics of regional development, according to local conditions, scientific planning, orderly promotion of the region's robot and intelligent manufacturing industry regional differentiation and agglomeration development.
Two, vigorously promote the development of robotics and intelligent manufacturing industry.
(1) lay stress on building an important carrier.
Implement the major carrier innovation project of science and technology, establish and improve the three-tier system construction of robot industry incubation base, intelligent manufacturing industry park and collaborative innovation research institute. Based on the existing carriers of characteristic science and technology industry, through gathering, integration, transformation and upgrading, a complete system of robot and intelligent manufacturing industry chain is gradually formed. The Development Zone will focus on accelerating the development of the industries supporting the introduction, inspection and testing of leading robots and intelligent manufacturing enterprises, creating an innovative highland for Wuzhong's characteristic strategic industries; and the high-tech zone will focus on building incubators and accelerators for the robots and intelligent manufacturing industries, strengthening the promotion and demonstration of new products and technologies, and creating an exhibition of Wuzhong's characteristic strategic industries. Mudu Town focuses on accelerating the construction of intelligent workshops, building robot core components and precision intelligent manufacturing industrial clusters; Luzhi Town focuses on building mold towns; Xukou Town focuses on building new energy, new materials industrial clusters. Through coordinated development and integrated layout, it has become a new landmark of regional economic transformation and upgrading, innovation and development of strategic industries with characteristics. (responsible unit: Development Zone, high-tech zone, Mu Du Town, Luzhi Town, Xu Kou Town, district science and Technology Bureau)
(two) accelerate the construction of important platforms.
1., strengthen the construction of key new R & D institutions. We will focus on supporting the construction of major professional innovation platforms, such as the Institute of Intelligent Sensing Technology, Suzhou Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute, and the Cooperative Innovation Center of Southern Jiangsu Robot and Precision Intelligent Manufacturing Industry. We will encourage exploration and innovation, try first, take the lead in breaking through bottleneck constraints, and stimulate institutional vitality and endogenous motivation. Encourage and support local key enterprises, small and medium-sized science and technology enterprises, scientific research institutes, high-level personnel, overseas well-known enterprises, multinational corporations and so on to set up new research and development institutions with specialty, public welfare and openness in Wuzhong, focusing on the future development of robotics and intelligent manufacturing industry in Wuzhong District and developing industrial technology Tackling key problems and innovating and upgrading. (responsible unit: District Science and Technology Bureau, development zone, high tech Zone)
2., promote the construction of R & D institutions. Screening and rolling support a number of key backbone enterprises to strengthen R&D investment, the formation of various high-level R&D institutions. Counseling enterprises to implement policies such as the addition and deduction of R&D expenses, the reduction of income tax for high-tech enterprises and the sharing and sharing of large-scale scientific instruments, expanding the scope of policy benefits, gradually establishing a multi-level, multi-form and multi-channel R&D investment system, and effectively enhancing the enthusiasm of enterprises to build R&D institutions and carry out technological innovation. Enterprises really benefit from the development of R & D institutions. (responsible unit: District Science and Technology Bureau, and Information Bureau)
3. cultivate a batch of public service organizations. We will implement the project of innovating new formats and modes, strengthen policy guidance and financial support, cultivate a number of application service organizations for robotics and intelligent manufacturing industries, and focus on supporting third-party service organizations that provide technology development, application promotion, achievement transformation, technical consultation, financing guarantee, equipment leasing, and constantly meet different requirements. Personalized service needs of enterprises in different domains. (responsible unit: District Science and Technology Bureau, development and Reform Bureau, and Information Bureau)
(three) full implementation of key projects
The 1. industry tackled key technologies. We will implement key technology projects, encourage enterprises to integrate all key elements around key technologies in robotics and intelligent manufacturing industries, carry out project research and tackle key problems, and organize enterprises to declare major R&D innovation and industrialization projects in the city, high-tech products in the province and various scientific and technological projects at or above the provincial level. (responsible unit: District Science and Technology Bureau, and Information Bureau)

Industrial sensor core technology. Relying on the professional platform of the Institute of Intelligent Sensing Technology, a group of enterprises, universities and scientific research institutes are joined to study the wireless communication technology of sensors, signal processing technology of sensors, reliability design and testing technology of sensors, precision manufacturing and testing technology of sensors.
Manufacturing information interoperability standard and interface technology. We will speed up the formulation of technical standards for interconnection and interoperability of manufacturing information, and focus on the formulation of technical standards and specifications for intelligent equipment and digitized workshops/factories. The interface technology of manufacturing information interconnection and interoperability is studied. The overall framework of protocol interoperability between equipment and equipment, between equipment and system, and the definition of protocol interoperability service interface are provided to support the interconnection and cooperation of heterogeneous protocol equipment.
CAD/CAE/CAM technology for mold manufacturing. Taking the construction of the characteristic town of the rolling die as the breakthrough point, the CAD/CAE/CAM technology needed in 3D design is mainly guided and studied. The proportion of 3D design is greatly increased, and the anti-interference inspection of equipment can be carried out in the design of the die to ensure the rationality of the design and process.
Intelligent device terminal technology. Focusing on the introduction of enterprises, this paper studies the small-capacity embedded database and intelligent system, as well as the data cache and data synchronization and exchange technology. Speed up the research of terminal environment semantic modeling technology, and real-time data dynamic acquisition, frequency conversion transmission, visual understanding, single-machine intelligent analysis and control, regional collaboration and other terminal intelligent new technologies.
Embedded operating system technology. Aiming at the security mechanism and trusted mechanism of real-time embedded operating system, a real-time scheduling algorithm is developed to meet the requirements of high security and trusted embedded operating system. The adaptation of the operation system to the underlying heterogeneous, complex equipment and fieldbus protocol is studied. Study the unified design, development, testing and release technology of model driven control procedures.
AI technology. The key technologies such as knowledge engineering, scene perception, pattern recognition, self-decision-making, self-execution, visualization and so on are tackled to improve the intelligent level of the core information equipment in intelligent manufacturing with the introduction of leading enterprises in relevant industries as the focus.
Robot key components technology. In order to break through the key parts of the robot, the key common technical problems of the key parts of the reducer, servo motor, controller, sensor and other robots are carried out in stages with the existing leading enterprises and the core technology enterprises as the focus.
Precision machine tool reliability and accuracy maintenance technology. The key technologies of reliability and precision stability of high precision machine tools are studied, and a large data platform for reliability and accuracy maintenance is established.
Big data management and analysis technology. The key technologies, such as real-time data acquisition, high throughput storage, data compression, data indexing, query optimization, data caching and so on, are researched and developed. The key technologies of data quality checking and repairing are studied based on spatio-temporal correlation and mechanism model. The integration technology of real-time data and background information system relational data is studied. It breaks through the parallel analysis and processing technology of industrial large data, mechanism modeling technology, knowledge reasoning technology and simulation model.
Robot technology. Aiming at the serial design and batch manufacturing of robots, the control performance, human-computer interaction performance and reliability performance of robots are improved, and the key technologies and common technologies are jointly tackled in stages to improve the load/weight ratio of robots and the safety of man-machine cooperation.

2., promote the construction of intelligent manufacturing system. Implementation of intelligent manufacturing development projects, encourage enterprises in R & D, manufacturing, supply chain collaboration, marketing services and other production processes to intelligent transformation. Cultivate intelligent factories, build intelligent workshops, promote the upgrading of enterprise intelligent equipment, promote the application of industrial robots, transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprises. To support the development of robotics and intelligent manufacturing industry in Wuzhong District, we should promote the development and application of the first set of major equipment and key components and expand the scale of application market. (responsibility unit: District Information Bureau)
3., deepen investment in small and medium-sized enterprises in the industry. We will implement the demonstration project of internationalization of enterprise innovation, promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial innovation and development carriers and international technical cooperation platforms, provide quality services for enterprises in terms of investment and operation facilitation, and focus on optimizing the business environment for small and medium-sized science and technology enterprises. Actively introduce key industrial technology enterprises, relying on high-quality projects, to promote the accumulation of high-quality elements such as talent, technology, management experience. By improving the cultivation mechanism of scientific and technological enterprises, strengthening the construction of platforms, optimizing the management of foreign investment and investment, the composition of the industrial chain of robotics and intelligent manufacturing in Wuzhong District will be further enriched. (responsible unit: Development Zone, high tech Zone, resort area, Commerce Bureau)
4., strengthen the supporting role of science and technology finance. We will implement the project of investment and financing services for scientific and technological innovation, pool more scientific and technological financial resources, provide more accurate, efficient and high-quality services for enterprises, and build a platform of investment and financing services for scientific and technological innovation, which has a positive interaction between scientific and technological innovation and financial innovation, and effectively links scientific and technological resources with financial resources. The development of robot and intelligent manufacturing industry in Wuzhong District has been promoted by "Science and Technology Loan Link", various venture capital funds and science and technology insurance. (responsible unit: District Science and Technology Bureau, finance office)
(four) pay attention to the introduction and training of key talents.
Implement industrial innovation and Entrepreneurship Talent Gathering project and innovation service platform construction project, increase the introduction of professional industrial talent, establish a multi-level and multi-type of robot and intelligent manufacturing industry personnel training system, actively encourage and support enterprises to vigorously introduce advanced research and development personnel and high-tech workers, in accordance with the relevant people in the district The policy is inclined to support. We will strengthen the training of skilled workers, support trade associations, alliances, enterprises, colleges and professional training institutions to establish cooperative relations, carry out customized training of talents and train a number of professional and technical personnel. (responsible unit: District Talent office, science and Technology Bureau)
(five) extensive cooperation is important.
1., give full play to the promotion role of industry organizations. A number of social organizations, such as the Wuzhong Robot Industry Alliance, Robot Industry Association, Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Technology and Standard Building Associations, will be supported to promote local enterprises in the fields of industry consultation, self-discipline management, information sharing, exchange and cooperation by giving full play to the role of resource gathering and bridging of social organizations. Service for industry. (responsible unit: District Science and Technology Bureau, and Information Bureau)
2., we should further promote the collaborative innovation of industry, University and research. Focusing on building strategic industrial bases and innovative plateaus with robotic and intelligent manufacturing characteristics, we will cooperate with well-known professional colleges and universities at home and abroad in the fields of professional education, training, introduction and scientific research cooperation. We will introduce a number of research institutes, high-level talents and major projects to settle in Wuzhong, further strengthen cooperation and docking with well-known domestic universities, implement cooperation agreements and work plans with universities, guide and support enterprises to participate in R&D in the core areas of robotics and intelligent manufacturing industry, and introduce more original industrial achievements. We should guide and support scientific and technological enterprises to cooperate with local institutes and colleges, undertake various scientific and technological projects jointly, and promote the transformation of achievements. We should vigorously expand the joint activities with scientific research institutes and universities, and link up more innovative resources by introducing and going out. (responsibility unit: District Science and Technology Bureau)

Three, fully implementing policy support.
Implementing relevant policies of the state, provinces, cities and districts, establishing guidance funds for innovative industries, giving full play to the role of capital platforms, supporting the key technological research of the industry, upgrading the innovative ability, cultivating and introducing key links in the industrial chain, developing key enterprises and constructing industrialization projects, etc., so as to promote the rapid development of robotics and intelligent manufacturing industry in the whole region Exhibition.
(1) vigorously promote independent innovation. According to the state and provincial and municipal policies, we should promote the upgrading of industrial innovation capability and grant subsidies of up to 10 million yuan to the carriers of innovation; encourage technological innovation and give support of up to 5 million yuan to the construction and implementation of various national science and technology plans and projects in Wuzhong District; vigorously promote the industrialization of independent innovation achievements, with a maximum of 10 million yuan. Yuan supporting support. Special funds should be appropriately increased to support major industrial application demonstration projects, intellectual property rights and standardization strategies.
(two) cultivate and develop the main body of enterprises. Key industrial enterprises shall be incorporated into the special service system for through trains of scientific and technological enterprises in the whole region; implement brand-driven strategy; encourage technological transformation of enterprises; and give special financial support to enterprises applying for international certification of industrial authority.
(three) efforts should be made to promote major projects. According to the state and provincial and municipal policies, special funds can be appropriately increased to support the key industrialization projects which belong to the key areas of industrial development and lack of links in the industrial chain.
(four) strengthen industrial space protection. We will speed up the construction of industrial bases and industrial agglomeration areas, give priority to qualified enterprises and provide rent reduction and exemption support, and set up special funds to support the construction of public technology support platforms such as R&D, inspection and testing, patents, standards and scientific and technological literature and information.
(five) introduce and train high-quality talents. In accordance with the requirements of the Opinions on Implementing and Implementing "Several Measures for Further Promoting the Priority Development of Talents" by the Suzhou Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, we should encourage the attraction of high-level talents. Strengthening housing security for talents. Supporting enterprises, institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutions to set up academician workstations, postdoctoral workstations, mobile stations and innovation bases, and supporting them in accordance with relevant provisions. Attract entrepreneurs and teams, arrange 3 million yuan annually to support entrepreneurs in Wuzhong District entrepreneurship, and give priority to the provision of innovative industrial housing. We should gradually establish an industrial talent support system and strengthen the training and training of talents.
(six) expand financing channels actively. Encourage the operation of industrial capital and encourage the development of industrial finance leasing business. Making full use of the capital markets and listing modes suitable for the financing of technological innovative SMEs both at home and abroad, this paper analyzes the financing strategies of capital markets for technological innovative SMEs in their infancy and growth stage, and helps technological innovative SMEs to increase the proportion of direct financing, solve the financing difficulties and promote their rapid growth.
(seven) create a favorable environment for industrial development. Support and foster the application market, increase government procurement efforts; encourage our traditional manufacturing, labor-intensive enterprises to use robots and intelligent manufacturing technology, combined with enterprise technology and equipment to carry out intelligent upgrading. A number of leading enterprises will be selected to sponsor the implementation of the demonstration project of robotics and intelligent manufacturing applications, so as to promote the application and industrialization of robotics and intelligent manufacturing technology in our region. Increase tax policy support; increase industrial publicity and promotion efforts to support exhibition publicity not less than 3 million yuan a year; promote the development of industrial alliances; support foreign cooperation.