My view on the development prospect of mechanical design and manufacturing and automation

[Abstract] many industries in China gradually apply mechanical design and manufacturing and automation in production, which makes the production process intelligent and humanized, and saves more resources in the production process. Promoting the development of mechanical design and manufacturing and automation plays a very important role in the development of enterprises. This paper analyzes the development prospect of mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation from five aspects of intelligence, virtualization, miniaturization, digitization and greening.
1 Introduction
With the continuous development of China's manufacturing industry and the level of science and technology, especially after the universal application of mechanical automation technology, it promotes the traditional mechanical manufacturing industry in China to achieve technical improvement, significantly improves the efficiency of mechanical manufacturing, and plays an important role in the rapid development of mechanical manufacturing industry. With the continuous progress of science and technology, the level of mechanical automation will also develop towards high efficiency and low energy consumption. Through the continuous application of automation technology in the mechanical design and manufacturing process, there will be more development space, and the value and role of automation technology can be fully displayed.
2. Development status of mechanical design and manufacturing and automation
2.1 mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation advantages
First of all, it can improve the production efficiency. The traditional machinery manufacturing industry uses a lot of manpower to achieve production, and the production process can not guarantee personnel safety, production efficiency and product quality. Mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation can greatly reduce human operation, the production process is mainly automatic production by production equipment, and mechanical manufacturing gradually realizes intelligent, which makes products more accurate, can reduce more production costs and increase economic benefits. Secondly, in the process of mechanical production, the operation of machinery will cause harm to the operators. Once the error occurs in the operation, it will cause serious injury accidents. Moreover, if the equipment fails, it is necessary to carry out maintenance according to our own experience, which can not eliminate the hidden dangers of the equipment. Mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation can realize the automatic detection of production equipment, automatic protection and diagnosis of the production process, which can significantly extend the mechanical operation time and save a lot of costs.
2.2 development status of mechanical design and manufacturing and automation
Mechanical design and manufacturing and automation has been very good application in many developed countries, most countries are still in the development stage. With the continuous improvement of China's science and technology level, China has gradually realized that mechanical automation has a very good application prospect, and has been applied in many fields, such as weapon research and development, aerospace, education and so on. After years of application results, enterprises have realized that the use of automation technology in mechanical manufacturing can bring better economic and social benefits. The improvement of automation level can bring better development to the mechanical manufacturing industry, promote the continuous progress of mechanical design and manufacturing and automation, and other industries can achieve better development.
3. Development prospect of mechanical design and manufacturing and automation
3.1 intelligence
Intellectualization has become the key development direction in the current period. It can effectively realize the deep interaction between human and machinery, and then make the machinery "think" like human, and make the machinery have the functions of conception, judgment and learning. It is very necessary for the field of mechanical production. The realization of intelligent development can enable mechanical production to make independent judgment and analysis according to people's input instructions, and then produce products that meet people's needs [1]. In addition, the intelligent machinery can make up for the shortcomings of human existence. For example, when manufacturing machinery and equipment, people will use a lot of time and energy to sort out and analyze the data. Through the mechanical intelligent analysis, it can make up for this deficiency. At the same time, the calculation results are more accurate than the results of human calculation, so the mechanical manufacturing and its own It has a very good practical role to carry out intelligent development.
3.2 virtualization
With the emergence and improvement of virtualization technology, it has made a good development in many fields. It can not only save the manpower and material resources in the actual operation, but also save the time cost. Especially in the machinery manufacturing industry, traditional machinery manufacturing generally needs to go through many steps to finally produce the corresponding products. From the drawing design to the product testing process, it will consume a lot of time and energy, which is also a significant defect of traditional machinery manufacturing [2]. If the mechanical design and manufacturing process can be completed automatically by electronic equipment, a lot of manpower and material resources can be saved. After using electronic equipment to simulate the drawing design, the electronic equipment can test its stability in time, improve the deficiencies in the design, which can effectively save time and cost, and the designer can communicate with customers more quickly. Virtualization development has become one of the most important development directions in mechanical design.
3.3 miniaturization
Through many times of industrial revolution and development, we can get a rule that any production tool will go through the development process from large to small. For example, the size of an electronic computer was like a room at the beginning. After years of development, it has now been reduced to a notebook computer. It can be seen that the mechanical manufacturing process will gradually realize miniaturization. At the end of the last century, the idea of developing micro machinery came into being. However, due to the limitation of the production level at that time, the precision in the manufacturing of some of the components was not well guaranteed, and the supply of raw materials was also insufficient. As a result, large-scale manufacturing and application could not be realized, and eventually the development of miniaturization of mechanical manufacturing was relatively slow [3]. With the progress and development of science and technology, now science and technology has been able to improve the structure of large machinery, making its components more precise, the volume is also constantly shrinking, and then the energy consumption is also reduced, so that the mechanical production equipment gradually has the flexibility and portability, easy operation has become a hot research topic in the current mechanical design and manufacturing.
3.4 digitization
For mechanical design and manufacturing and automation, the realization of digitization is also an important development direction in the future. Especially since entering the 21st century, Internet technology has made rapid development and application, and it is more important to realize the quality of mechanical manufacturing field. Digital manufacturing can show the information in the manufacturing process in digital form, that is to realize digital processing of knowledge data, skills and graphics, and spread through the internal network of manufacturing enterprises. For China's market economy, the realization of rapid response to the market plays an important role in the development of enterprises. Digital technology can quickly collect information related to customer needs, and analyze, plan, organize and reorganize the information. The whole process involves multimedia technology, database technology and manufacturing technology, and finally realizes the reorganization of mechanical production and manufacturing process. The development of digital technology in mechanical design and manufacturing enterprises can release their products to the Internet for sale, meet the needs of different customers, and realize the communication and cooperation between enterprises, and jointly promote the development of machinery manufacturing industry.
3.5 greening
As one of the most basic requirements of the scientific development concept, sustainable development is an important measure to ensure the rapid economic development. Especially after the serious haze problem, the state and people pay more and more attention to environmental protection. At present, most products in the society take "green" as the slogan, and the market is more in favor of green environmental protection products. Therefore, machinery manufacturing enterprises should develop green in advance, reduce the waste rate in the process of mechanical design and mechanism, and improve the transportation pollution, packaging and disassembly. For industrial development, more attention has been paid to environmental protection. The state has repeatedly punished the petrochemical industry which has exceeded the discharge standard, and required its pollution discharge to meet the standard before continuing production. Mechanical design, manufacturing and automation should also pay attention to green development. In recent years, China's colleges and universities have held many environmental protection competitions for mechanical specialty. It can be seen that green development has become one of the development trends of mechanical design, manufacturing and automation in the future [4]. In the future, the country will also formulate more stringent standards and regulations on environmental protection. In order to achieve sustainable and healthy development, environmental protection is the basis to ensure its development.
4 Conclusion
In a word, the application of mechanical automation technology in mechanical design and manufacturing can make products have better quality and faster production efficiency. With the continuous expansion of China's machinery production scale in recent years, mechanical design, manufacturing and automation will have a broader development prospect. There are still some shortcomings in the current practical application. The continuous development of mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation to intelligent, virtual, miniaturized, digital and green directions will make it develop to a better direction, It has a very good role in promoting China's economic level